Farmer: superheroes without caps

Ever you felt like crows are cawing in your stomach, and you are just thinking about your favorite dish that makes you more hungry like you haven't eaten for years. We are the most fortunate person on the planet, can fill our breadbasket before it gets empty to this condition. To whom you say thanks for that? To your job for salary? or to your mother or wife who is cooking for you? or the shopkeeper who provides you groceries? Surely not, because they are only part of the supply chain. The real hero who deserves big thanks is the farmer and his family that share the same efforts. From sunrise to sunset, he restlessly works on the farm. He cares for nothing, whether it's winter, summer, or rainy season.

Beneath the sun, searing heat and sweating roll down his face. He binds a torn rag protecting his head to block heat strokes at midday. His family member brings him his midday meal. With his rough hands, he eats his scanty meal under the shadow of a tree. Early he returns to his work. He turns home only when it is nightfall. He does this hard work only to fill his and his family member's stomach. Isn't it a contradiction? Who takes efforts to satisfy the hunger of many but still sleeps on a half-empty stomach? He doesn't take nutritious and hygienic food, but still stronger and healthier than people living in towns!

Agriculture as profession

If you ask some teenagers what they want to become when they grow up? You will get the name of well-known professions like doctors, engineers, scientists, etc. Even their parents also think in the same way. I wonder whether an occupation that meets the appetite of billions of people for thousands of years doesn't deserve a position with those so-called and well-respected professions? I believe that agriculture is the most valuable profession that deserves respect and place in young people's minds. Unquestionably, right farming can also be view as a profession. Actually, it is the income source of many workers who work day and night in the fields in villages of the world. And facing the same challenges due to this unprivileged profession. The farmers who take up agriculture as a job have so much awareness about diverse aspects like soil productiveness, seasonal harvests, pesticides, crop revolution methods, rain forecast, agriculture machinery, etc. That requires attention like any other profession in the world.

Balance of nature

A fundamental difficulty for the agriculture sector is to feed an expanding population while at the same time decreasing the environmental influence and protecting natural sources for coming generations. Behind many efforts to save nature, the idea is that land cultivation should be more eco-friendly. According to agroecologist Miguel Altieri, "By designing farming systems that mimic nature, optimal use can be made of sunlight, soil nutrients, and rainfall." That approach stems from believing that there endures 'The Balance of Nature.' The concept has exceedingly affected by our point of view towards nature and agriculture. In a flexible agricultural way, farming systems contribute a great equilibrium among the excess utilization and control of biodiversity, ecosystem, and the natural surroundings. In those methods, the hurdle is to maintain food production while at the same time decreasing impacts on the environment and the ecosystem. Organic agriculture reflects the medium and long-lasting impact of agricultural intrusions on the agro-ecosystem. It strives to provide food while building biological stability to stop soil infertility or pest problems. Organic agriculture uses an active way to handling obstacles when they arise.

Thought of the year

Microsoft founder and contributor Bill Gates owns the biggest private farmland in the US across 18 states. Bill and Melinda Gates accumulated 242,000 acres of land in the US, with the greatest holdings in Louisiana (69,071 acres), Arkansas (47,927 acres), and Nebraska (20,588 acres), according to The Land report.

In 1990, when everyone was cultivating farmlands, he cultivated software bringing desktop on every table. And in 2020, everyone is developing software, but he is moving forward to cultivate farmlands. The circle of equipoise is so vile! It always finds a way to obtain an end to get the process complete. The only thing which is complete is "Zero" that's where and how everything starts and ends.