What is Odoo ERP and why it is the best choice for small and mid scaled companies?

ERP is the backbone of your business. You must choose a solution that is not only a perfect rage for now but that can also scale and grow beside your business in the years to come. Odoo is one of the most popular advanced open-source Enterprise Resource Planning software, which is also known as OpenERP. The word Odoo is the acronym of On-Demand Open Object. Odoo is a complete suite of business apps called Odoo apps that make an ERP solution when combined. Odoo consists of various apps and modules includes:

  • Website builder with Odoo content management system(CRM)
  • CRM (customer relationship management)
  • Accounting
  • Subscriptions
  • Planning
  • Consolidation
  • Invoicing
  • Timesheets
  • Manufacturing MRP
  • Field service
  • eCommerce
  • Point of sale
  • Helpdesk for customer support
  • Project management
  • Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
  • eLearning
  • Inventory management and warehouse management
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing, including apps for Marketing Automation, Email Marketing, Social media

Each year there is a modish version published by Odoo to assure the software is relevant and meets business requirements. The most developed Odoo version 14 offers you new modules and abilities that can be updated as per the company’s demands and specifications. Odoo is available in diverse editions depending on what is appropriate for you.

  1. Odoo Community Edition :

    Open source ERP is also minted as an Odoo Community edition. It is available for free of cost. You can start performing on Odoo for free on your personal server.  You need to know what modules or apps your business lacks; accordingly, you can start installing and configuring those modules. The community edition is limited and available only as a desktop ERP and CRM solution.

  2. Odoo Enterprise Edition :

    Odoo enterprise has many features. Odoo Enterprise Edition is desktop or cloud-hosted, available on anyplace, and accessible from any device. Mobile device operating systems include Apple iOS and Google Android. Odoo Enterprise Edition is a paid edition that extends you excellent features and apps which are not feasible in the community edition. You can implement accounting, manufacturing, Project management, inventory management functions with Odoo Enterprise edition. There are versatile options available in the Odoo Enterprise edition aiming at small to large-size pools. It includes Odoo Online, Odoo.sh , Odoo on-premise to suit small to mid-sized companies' needs.

How Odoo fits Small and Mid-scale Enterprise (SME's)?

  • Odoo Online:

    Odoo Online enterprise edition allows you to use ERP Software without any custom development. It is targeted at small businesses. You cannot change any modules or customize the solution in Odoo Online.

  • Odoo.sh:

    This Odoo edition requires technical knowledge of installation. If you are a non-technical person, then with the help of available partners, you can manage the installation of Odoo.sh. Moreover, you can also use the custom module or third-party applications with Odoo.sh.

  • Odoo On-Premise:

    Odoo On-premise allows you to take add-ons of your Odoo ERP and implement them on your own server, preferably depending on the Odoo server. You can also customize Odoo on-premise software as per your business needs.

Not just MNC but even small and mid-level companies are using ERP systems. Around 96% of developing businesses exceeding in their industries rely on some form of ERP solution. Odoo stands apart from the rest of the ERP solutions and becomes the best choice as it provides affordability, modularity, and ease of use. Whether your business is small-scale or large can extend Odoo right away without any bothers. Odoo ERP apps fit with the following type of businesses:

  • Manufacturing organizations
  • Merchandising companies
  • Accounting firms
  • field service operations companies
  • Research and development companies
  • Service companies
  • Marketing businesses
  • Training companies
  • Consultants and Odoo Partners
  • IT companies
  • Retailers, including online eCommerce and brick-and-mortar businesses

Here stand some speculations on how Odoo fits small and medium enterprises:

  1. Odoo has stalwart characteristics that an SME can leverage the benefit of including diverse verticals such as selling, manufacturing, Services, etc.
  2. Odoo is licensed free since business evolves; you don’t need to consume your time and money on the licensing.
  3. You can customize your business processes and workflows as per your company requirements.
  4. Odoo ERP software manages your customer by fixing queries rapidly and provides more extensive customer comfort and higher client maintenance.
  5. It is an open-source ERP developer who gets access to the codes and can change the modules as per their requirements.
  6. If you need any third-party system to include on your core system, Odoo ERP provides flexibility to do that.
  7. The streamlined user interface does not require a huge amount of time and training to get used to. It allows non-technical types to support and maintain the system.
  8. With the growing businesses, it provides scalability by handling complex business processes.
  9. Odoo ERP provides transparency and eliminates the error occurrence by re-entring and exporting the data.
  10. It provides real-time data that enables your organization to make vital decisions on time that degrades delayed deadlines.
  11. Lack of collaboration can result in poor communication between employees. Odoo ERP provides exceeding collaborations with the access of data from each department.
  12. Odoo ERP software allows you to change your vendor if your company is not comfortable with the existing Odoo Partner or Vendor. Further, there are more than 500+ allies worldwide, from which you can choose as per your convenience.